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Infantigo Pics

Do you know what is infantigo rash? Have you ever see the people who get the skin infection of infantigo rash? Well, in this article we are going to discuss about infantigo. According to the research, infantigo rash is also called as nonbullous impetigo. You have to know that nonbullous impetigo is one of forms of impetigo. Commonly, infantigo rash often occur to the children, especially for two up to five years old. What first sign of infantigo rash? Usually, infantigo rash is going to begin with red sores around the mouth and nose. After that, these blisters are going to burst. They leave a weeping red rash that becomes crusted. Is infantigo rash makes a painful? In fact, infantigo rash is not painful but it is very itchy. Maybe you are curious howinfantigo rash images. If you want to know it, you are able to search from internet. Of course there are many website that show the images of infantigo rash.

As we said before that infantigo skin rash often happen to the children, but it also not possible to happen in the adults. In this article, we will also discuss about another type of impetigo. It is bullous impetigo. Have you ever heard the information about bullous impetigo? What is causes the bullous impetigo? According to the research, the bullous impetigo is caused by staph and strep bacteria. This form of bullous impetigo manifests as small red papules which same with the insect bites. Afterwards these lesions evolve to small blisters and then to pustules which scab over with a characteristic honey-colored crust. Usually, all this process takes about one week. We get information that this form of bullous impetigo is often affect start around the face and the nose, but they less frequently affected the arms and legs.

By the way, what infantigo look like? In the last topic, we have already discussed that the skin infection of infantigo, it starts with reddish spot which develop into small red blisters around the mouth and nose. After a few days, the blisters burst and develop a brownish-yellow crust. The surrounding skin is going to look red and raw. As we said before that infantigo is not painful but it is very itchy. How to get rid of the infantigo? There is the great solution to get rid of the skin rash infantigo. It is by doing treatment with topical antibiotics for five to seven days. It is recommended by the Infectious Diseases Society of America. There are the specific topical antibiotics which recommended are mupirocin and fusidic acid. According to the research, there is no significant difference between these two topical antibiotics. In this case, for the person who get impetigo which severe or widespread, it is better to be given the oral antibiotics. You have to know that oral antibiotics work more quickly than topical antibiotics. However, some research said that there is no significant difference in cure rates between oral antibiotics and topical antibiotics. There are oral antibiotics which recommended include anti-staphylococcal penicillins, amoxicillin/clavulanate (Augmentin), cephalosporins, and macrolides. For note, the oral antibiotics are able to have more side-effects than topical antibiotics. Its side effect is such as nausea.

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