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Infantigo is a skin surface infection, where it is one of the most contagious forms of pyoderma (skin infection from Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, or both). Infantigo is divided into 2 types, namely infantigo is characterized by scabs (infantigo krustosa), and infantigo is characterized by a fluid-filled lump (infantigo bullosa). As much as 70% impetigo is a form of scab.

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Mild infantigo usually only causes itching and does not cause serious injuries. For mild infections, antibiotic ointments (eg erythromycin or dicloxacillin) are given. Oral antibiotics (swallowed) can speed healing. To remove the scab, the skin should be washed with anti-bacterial soap several times / day. But infantigo is also a contagious disease, which is transmitted through fluid coming from its blisters. The size of the blisters varies, ranging from the size of peas to the size of a large ring. This blister contains a yellowish look accompanied by itching. Swelling of lymph nodes around the infected area may occur.

Infantigo is a mild infection that can be cured easily. Infantigo can heal by itself within 2 weeks without scarring, but drug administration can help reduce discomfort, improve appearance, and prevent the spread of bacteria resulting in complications. Infantigo treatment can be an antibiotic applied to skin disorders (topical antibiotics), tablet antibiotics, and cleaning fluids (disinfectants).
Keeping skin clean is very important. Skin that needs to be washed with water and soap, or added disinfectant fluids such as gentian violet. The main therapy in infantigo is antibiotics, an antibiotic applied to the wound. Topical antibiotics have several advantages, such as: can be used only when needed, inexpensive, and low side effects. Topical antibiotics commonly used for infantigo are Mupirocin or Fusidic Acid because it is effective and well tolerated. This antibiotic is applied to the infected skin 3 times a day after healing for 3-5 days. Before applying antibiotics, scabs can be removed. Side effects of antibiotics are rare and. Antibiotic tablets are given to patients who can not tolerate topical antibiotics and should be considered for patients with extensive skin disorders or with severe symptoms. Antibiotic tablets that can be given include Erythromycin, Amoxicillin, and cephalosporin groups for 10 days.

The best way to choose infantigo is to keep the skin clean. Treat wounds, insect bites, or skin disorders by washing them clean. If you have suffered infantigo, preventive measures need to be taken to get the transmission to others. Infantigo lumps should be washed and covered with a thin cover, do not use clothing and bed linen alternately with others, use gloves or hands thoroughly while applying antibiotic ointment, cut nails, work regularly, and stay home until the wound dries.

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