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Infantigo is the infection that cause by bacteria. When you are affected by this one, your body mostly nose and mouth will have something like honey. It is not serious and can be cleaned up without the infantigo treatments after two to three weeks. However, it can make you uncomfortable.

The treatment of infantigo is often recommended as it is able to clear up the infection in around 7 to 10 day. It can also reduce the risk of the infection being passed on to the others. The treatment itself is different, depending on what types of infantigo you have. If you feel confused to differentiate it, you can look for infantigo pictures on the Internet. This step will help you to choose which treatment will work.

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When someone is confirmed affected by infantigo, the common infantigo home treatment is antibiotics. There are some types of antibiotic including antibiotic cream and antibiotic tablets. antibiotic cream is better for the mild cases of infantigo. It can cover the small area. Usually, it is applied three or four times per day for seven days in total. Please wash the affected ares of the skin with warm and soapy water before applying the cream. This step is to clean off any crusts that have developed. In order to make the chance of spreading the infection smaller, you can wash the hands right after applying the cream. If it is available, you can wear the latex gloves while applying the cream.

Unfortunately, applying antibiotic cream has side effects, including irritation, redness, and itchiness in the area where the cream is applied. In case the symptoms of the infantigo do not go any better after the seven days of starting the treatment, please consult to the doctor.

As the alternative, you can try the antibiotic tablets. it is for the severed and widespread one. usually, it has to be taken two or four times a day for seven days. Just like the antibiotic cream, the antibiotic tables also has the side effects such as feeling sick, vomiting, and diarrhea.

If no one of both methods work, you can try the other home treatment for infantigo. There are several options you can try. The first one is grapefruit seed extract. This extract is able to fight the candida and fungal infections. It can also get rid of staphylococcus aureus or MRSA which is one of the bacteria that cause infantigo. The second one is ginger. According o the experts, it can fight the bacteria, boost immune system function, reduce inflammation, and speed up the healing during the infantigo infection. You can add ginger to the smoothies and salad dressings or drinking the orange carrot ginger juice. The other ones you can try are apple cider vinegar, turmeric, coconut oil, manuka honey, goldenseal, green tea, tea tree oil, and many more.

If it is not getting better, once again, it is better for you to see a doctor and consult everything so the infantigo can be treated.

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