Infantigo in Adults

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Infantigo is such the common bacterial skin infection. This disease is minor. However, sometimes, the complications might occur that need the treatment. The complications related to infantigo are infantigo skin disease (cellulite), meningitis, or the kidney inflammation. This infection often begins with the cut or break in the skin that allows the bacteria to entry. The bacteria that cause this one are Staphylococcus or Streptococcus.

Commonly, infantigo affected children, especially those who are 6 years old or more. this infection also might occur in adults. How is infantigo in adults? Basically, people who livein the warm and humid climate are more often affected. There are several things that are sensitive to this infection, including insect bites, crowded living conditions, and poor skin cleansing.

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What are the signs and the symptoms of infantigo? Apparently, there are two common forms. They are with or without the fluid filled bubbles on the skin or known as blister. For the non-blistering, the signs are tiny pimples or red areas quickly turn into oozing honey colored, crusted patches that spread, the face or traumatized areas of the skin are affected, there might be some itching or swollen lymph nodes, sometimes deeper pus filled sores and scabs that leave scars occur. As for the blistering, the signs include the painless blisters occurs that might break easily, those often spread to the face, trunk, arms, or legs, and someone feels generally fine.

You have to know that the prevention is so important. You can prevent it by keeping the skin clean with soap and water. Please treat something like cuts, crappers, and insect bites by cleaning with soap and water and covering the area if possible. fFr those who have the mild infection, there are several things you have to do. First, wash the area with the mild soap and water twice or more each day, and cover with the non stick dressing if possible. second, apply the antibiotic ointment after washing the skin 3 to 4 times per day. You also have to wash your hands after application or wear the gloves when applying. Third, in order to remove the crusts, please soak it with the vinegar solution. You can add one tablespoon or white vinegar to the pint of water. Soak it for about 15 minutes. Fourth, wash the clothing, towels, and bedding daily and do not ever share those items with the others. Fifth, wash your hands frequently. It is better o no to touch the areas and cut the fingernails.

If your infantigo infection is in the moderate or severe level, please seek for the medical attention. It also should be done when there is fever or pain. If you are currently being treated for this infection but the infection does not get any better even after 2-3 days of antibiotics, go see the doctor again. Keep seing the doctor until your infantigo infection healed. Ask anything you want to know about the infantigo to the doctor so our curiosity will be answered.

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