How to Treat Infantigo

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Non expert will think that infantigo is dangerous. If we do not treat it, actually it is contagious to others and even the infection can be more severe.  At first, infantigo is started with small red spots which then it changes to blisters which finally break open. What is infantigo actually? It is a bacterial skin infection that is common in children and it is caused by Streptococcus or Staphylococcus. When we know that one of our family member has infantigo, how do you treat infantigo? In this article, we are going to inform you how to treat this skin infection.

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  • You can remove the scabs. To do that, you can use warm, wet cloth by pressing it to the area for several minutes. Alternatively, you can also soak the area in warm water tosoften them. Then, rub it gently with a wet soapy washcloth. When you have done and rinse with water.
  • When you see a doctor, usually you will be given antibiotic ointment. When you apply it, you have to put gloves. If you do not have gloves, do not forget to wash your hands after you have applied the ointment.
    Oral antibiotic is another common treatment. This antibiotic is usually consumed once or twice a day for up to 10 days. So, if your doctor prescibed it, you have to consume it exactly.
  • Whatever treatment that is given by your doctor, either pills or cream, you have to follow the instruction for how long you should take it. If you see that your infantigo seems better, but you do not know that the bacteria may not be completely gone and it can be worse if you do not finish your medication.
  • The sores may be itchy, but never scratch it. As we explained above about the infantigo definition that is this skin infection is caused by bacteria and it can be contagious, so do not scratch it because it can make the rash worse. Besides, it also can spread the rash across your body or even to the other people.
  • If you realize that you still have the rush after 7 days and you do not see the sign of healing, you have to go to the doctor again and the doctor will give you a different antibiotic. Even the doctor will need to do some tests to see the bacteria that cause your infantigo.
  • You have to be aware of potential complications. This skin infection is not serious, but it can cause some complications. For example, the strep version can lead a rare ¬†disease, poststreptococcal glomerulonephritis that can danger the kidneys. So, if someone who has infantigo has dark urine, he should consult it with the doctor. The other complications are Cellulitis, Scarring, Scarlet Fever, Guttate psoriasis, Staphylococcal scaded skin syndrome, and Septicemia. A person who has infantigo must be treated well and treating infantigo like we discussed above hopefully can help you.

To prevent this disease contagious to others, the patient needs to avoid the other people, wash hands regularly, dry out home, cover the scrapes and cuts, and also never share any items with others. Okay, hopefully this article can help you in treating your infantigo or even your family member who has infantigo.

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